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The MIPRCV Work Plan encompasses a five years period (2007-2012) and is structured into 7 WorkPackages (WP).

The MIPRCV Research Team includes more than 100 researchers (90 PhDs) from 10 Univiersities and other Research Institutions. These researchers are structured into 9 Research Groups, which are coordinated by a Technical Board, also in charge of supervising the Work Plan. The Project Coordinator is Enrique Vidal, who belongs to the PRHLT-ITI/UPV group, and the Project Manager is Esperanza Donat, from ITI/UPV.

Such a research and management structure is graphically depicted below. For further information, click on the elements of the figure.

Workpackage 3 Workpackage 4 Workpackage 5 Workpackage 5 Workpackage 1 Workpackage 2 Workpackage 6 PRHLT-ITI CVL-UGR PRAI-UA PR-CVC CVDSP-UJI PRCV-UV CV-CVC RP-IRI CIG-UPM Workpackage 0