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Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Group (PRAI-UA) PDF Print E-mail

The PRAI-UA research team is comprised of researchers (7 Ph. D. and 16 Ph. D. students) of the University of Alicante.

The research interests of PRAI-UA group lie in the following areas:

Current lines of work:

  1. Fast k-NN search algorithms
  2. Incremental k-NN search
  3. Normalized edit distances
  4. Applications

Current lines of work:

  1. Probabilistic edit distances
  2. Transducer inference
  3. Semi-supervised learning
  4. Tree grammars
Current lines of work:
  1. Music genre recognition
  2. Melody track recognition
  3. Music tonal analysis
  4. Song similarity and retrieval
  5. Automatic transcription of digital audio
  6. Algorithmic composition