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Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technology Group (PRHLT-ITI/UPV) PDF Print E-mail

The PRHLT-ITI/UPV research team is comprised of researchers (20 Ph. D. and 15 Ph. D. students) from the following research groups:

PRHLT/ITI members

The research interests of the PRHLT-ITI/UPV group lie in the following areas:

Multimodal Interaction
Technologies to deal with a recent paradigm shift in the design of Pattern Recognition, where the traditional concept of full-automation is being changed to systems where the decision process is conditioned by human feedback.

Machine Translation
Speech-to-speech translation or text-to-text translation for limited domains. Finite-state and statistical transducers are used as the basis of the machine translation systems.

Handwritten Text Recognition and Document Analysis
Technologies for the recognition of unsegmented text images and electronic pen signals.

Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding
The speech utterances are decoded into strings of words or into strings of semantic units. Finite-state grammars are used as the basis of such systems.

Image Analysis and Computer Vision
Identification of the objects in an image. Statistical and Syntactic Pattern recognition techniques are used.