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Based on the main techniques from the WP1 and the principal ideas about MI theory from WP2, a series of Multimodal Interaction prototypes have been developed. A complete list of MIPRCV prototypes can be found in the WP3, WP4 and WP5 sections, available from WorkPackages general section.

Videos, screencasts and/or live demonstrations are available for the following prototypes:

Prototypes for audio, speech and language

Interactive Machine Translation Prototype

Interactive Predictive Parsing Prototype

Spoken Dialog Prototype

Interactive Speech Transcription Prototype

Interactive Music Transcription Prototype

Interactive Text Generation Prototype

Prototypes for image processing and analysis

Document Processing and Handwritting Transcription Prototype

Document Image Retrieval Prototype

Web Image Retrieval Prototypes

Image Fusion Prototype.

Human-based colour naming prototype.

Interactive Medical Image Analysis.

Prototypes for video and robotics

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems Prototype

Video Surveillance and Biometry Prototype

Human Robot Interaction and Mobile Robot Autonomous Navigation in Urban Scenarios

Cooperative Detection and Recognition of Human Actions

Video Retrieval Prototype

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 May 2012 )